Friday, August 22, 2014

Foodie Adventures in Portland, OR

My husband and I recently went on a mini trip to Camas, WA for a little adventure.   However, for the most part we ate our asses off in Portland, OR since its only a 20 min drive over the bridge.  We started off with brunch at Petite Provence located in the Alberta Arts District (one day when I have a fancy pants camera I'll take better pics and they will speak for themselves). My husband had the Salmon Benedict, and I had the poached eggs with risotto cakes.  The eggs were perfectly poached, and bursting with delicious golden yolk as I pierced it with my fork.  I definitely recommend!  I'm sure everything else on the menu is just as amazing!

Smoked Salmon Benedict on top of a flaky croissant 

Risotto Cakes & Eggs w/ roasted potatoes and squash

Later we headed over to the Alphabet District with some friends and had dinner and drinks at The Fireside.  I didn't get a picture of everything since it was dark and I'm not going to lie, sometimes I get embarrassed photographing my food :-P  Anyway, I had a grilled flat bread pizza that was topped with pesto, thinly sliced zucchini, balsamic, sprinkled with pecorino & romano cheese, and the bread was perfectly grilled so it had a nice and crunchy texture.

The cocktails were very unique and refreshing (try the Pink Lady or Summer's Cup).  The rest of the menu is very eclectic and for those willing to try something different :-)

Zucchini Flatbread Pizza @ The Fireside 

Next day we had brunch again of course, brunch is the best meal of the day!  We headed over to Mother's Bistro & Bar, located in Downtown Portland.  Sorry for the crap pic I used from my SnapChat app.  My omelette was fantastic, lots of meaty mushrooms and lots of spinach, and the cheese added a creamy texture that was perfect! Roasted potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and seasoned just right :-)
Brunch @ Mother's Bistro & Bar

Lastly we absolutely had to make a stop at VooDoo Doughnut, famous for their creative and interesting flavors and names.  Why oh why did I not bring a magical pink box home with me??  This place is open 24/7!  And for the most part there's a line, but luckily it goes by fairly quickly.  I got the Maple Blazer Blunt doughnut and my husband got the Grape Ape.  I'm not crazy about grape flavored things since most of the time they taste like Dimetapp, but this was actually pretty tasty.  My Maple Blazer was basically a cinnamon sugar doughnut with a maple tip, and red sprinkles.  Nothing too crazy besides it being shaped like a blunt, ha!  I still enjoyed it, and the interior of the shop is just fun to be in and look around.  I would definitely visit again and recommend if you're in the area #TheMagicIsInTheHole
VooDoo Doughnut!!!!  Grape Ape & Maple Blazer Blunt

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